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The TPT Summer Institute

Hilton Head Island, SC

June 25 & 26, 2019

With free optional 3rd-day consultations

CAPPED AT 50 Participants

Supporting "Kids in Kayaks"

Join us for this small gathering of education professionals as we examine the research on student engagement and how to create engaging learning spaces.

Recommended for administrators, teachers, teacher-leaders, and higher education faculty.

Registration will be capped at 50 participants. Save $50 if you register by February 14, 2019


About the Presenters:

Pérsida and William are the authors of the ASCD best-seller, Total Participation Techniques: Making every student an active learner.  They have conducted over 500 keynote, featured, and professional presentations around the world. They bring their combined experiences and discoveries to the table as they evaluate what the research says about how to deeply engage learners and provide participants with techniques for enhancing small and large group learning experiences. For more information, click the "About Us" tab.


Why Hilton Head Island? HHI is a great place to bring family and spend time learning in a beautiful and serene setting. HHI has been voted the best island in the U.S. by Travel and Leisure for three years in a row. Click here to see why. No, really. You should totally click that link:)


2-Day Institute Testimonials: 

"After two days, I am energized, even after 2 nights of poor sleep. The presenters are personable, beyond passionate. This is checking for understanding, and guided practice and cooperative learning on steroids. Their planning, pacing, and delivery was tight, thoughtful, and smart. I didn’t want them to stop!!"

Darryl Ashdown, 2-day Institute Participant


"I loved the last two days! So much to think about and bring back to my staff! My entire staff will benefit."

2-day Institute Participant


"At first I was thinking, “Hmmm, what would I get out of this, in terms of teaching strategies-- after teaching over 20 years?” Well, I received new ideas that I can easily use TOMORROW! The TPTs presented included strategies that had social-emotional skills embedded. The strategies would be refreshing and engaging for the learner and for me. Simple and easy.


All people involved in schools could benefit, from executive directors and district leaders who provide meaningful PD to administrators that could do the same-- and truly become instructional leaders of their buildings. It would also benefit coaches and other teacher leaders that could provide fresh new techniques."

 Rhoni Davidson, 2-day Institute Participant


"Altogether a delightful, engaging, stimulating two days. Lots to bring back to my teachers. I particularly appreciated the collaborations and collegial environment you created!"

            Brenda, 2-day Institute Participant


"I would recommend this TPT presentation to every teacher I know. I am very excited to share what I’ve learned with my colleagues in Tacoma, WA. I really enjoyed being able to try on many of the techniques spoken about to see and experience their full effects. I had a wonderful time.


The TPT training would benefit any educator, administrator, superintendent, etc. that is interested in finding/utilizing techniques for total classroom, staff room or boardroom participation. Sooooo many ways to leverage collaboration."

Trenton Taylor, 2-day Institute Participant




Summer Institute sponsored by Language & Cognition Resources, LL

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