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Dr. Deborah Tamakloe (white shirt/black skirt), Bill, and Pérsida spent 3 days with the Anloga District Assembly teachers in Ghana. Teachers from 50 schools joined them for this amazing experience, which involved practicing low-cost TPTs which could be used with all students in any setting. Dr. Tamakloe provided important connections for supporting students with special needs. On Day 3, they got a chance to visit classrooms as they embedded lessons with TPTs! It was AMAZING!!!


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Sentence summaries from each of the participants.

Miss Edith, teaching English with a hold-up in this class. It was a joy to watch her high-energy, super-engaging teaching style.

Miss Edith using a chalkboard splash as a formative assessment and as a springboard for her next topic.

How do you do a Debate Team Carousel with just a chalkboard and chalk? You use your chalkboard (we used paper as a demo) and shifted positions (move one space over) for each response!

Mr. Selorm teaching Chemistry using guided note-taking with consistent checks for understanding that included, appointment agendas, hold-ups, and content-based "I Am" poems. He had a clear big-picture in mind and selected his TPTs to help each of his students demonstrate an understanding of the big ideas in his lesson. 

In Miss Edith's class, students huddle to embed all of their responses into one effective summary.

Honestly, this was such a fun group to work with!

Bill, doing a List, Group, Label.

Noemi Reyes
Genesee Valley Educational Partnership
Pacific Christian Academy
Forest Oak Elementary
Kimberly Wolff
Genesee Valley Educational Partnership
Henrico Elementary Schools

Total Participation Techniques


William and Pérsida Himmele

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