Recommendations for Growing Readers

Four Ways to use Music in Shared Reading

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Giving birth to the Hobbit: Why we're totally sold on the family read aloud by P. Himmele, with the help of the Himmele family

My daughter was born right after Chapter 6 of The Hobbit. No, seriously. Bill was reading aloud from The Hobbit while I lay there trying to think about something other than my contractions. Of course, he put the book down when he could no longer hear himself above my angry demands for more epidural. But still, you could say that I gave birth to the sounds of The Hobbit... (see more)

Why Read-Alouds Matter More in the Age of the Common Core by W. Himmele & P. Himmele

For many educators, the term read-aloud conjures up warm, cozy, and nostalgic reminders of how teaching used to be—the days when we actually had time to read chapter books... (see more)

For students who are significantly behind:

NIM Plus by Flood, Lapp, and Fisher

Reading Together: A Successful Reading Fluency Intervention by Young, Mohr, and Rasinski

Every Child, Every Day

In this must-read article, Richard Allington provides six components of effective literacy programming. They're simple, cheap, and underutilized. 

What Really Matters When Working with Struggling Readers

In this critically important article, Richard Allington stresses the simple elements of literacy instruction that are too often absent from today's classrooms. Part of the reason behind their absence has to do with an educational system blinded by the glitz of "new and improved" packaged curricula and poorly applied, seldom questioned research.  It's a simple formula, for students to become succesful readers, they will need to spend lots of time in high success reading.

What is Phonemic Awareness?
Why would Phonemic Awareness matter?