Total Literacy Techniques: Tools to Help Students Analyze Literature and Informational Texts

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About This Book

This book provides 3rd through 12th grade teachers with more than 50 teacher-tested tools and techniques for helping their students read independently and critically. Authors Pérsida and William Himmele and National Board-certified teacher Keely Potter present literacy as an interconnected process that involves emotions, cognition, and multiple opportunities for developing higher-order thinking. With this in mind, they present tools for helping students develop academic language, become avid and analytical readers, engage with literature and informational texts, discuss texts, and write about texts in clear and cogent ways. Each chapter includes reflections from real teachers and students who share their own literary practices and journeys, bringing the practices to life. With a focus on engaging students as thinkers, readers and writers, Total Literacy Techniques provides practical and effective ways for teachers to help students develop the critical reading habits that open up new ways of understanding and contributing to their worlds. This book is perfect for ELA and Social Studies teachers of 3rd through 12th graders.


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A must read for teachers across all content areas and all grade levels

After several years of struggling to engage reluctant readers and enduring pressure from administration to "teach to the test" in order to increase student achievement, this book has reignited my love of teaching literacy. It offers so many practical ways to foster the highest levels of critical thinking and metacognition in the classroom. It is a must read for teachers of all content areas and all grade levels! It provides reproducible templates that can be displayed in the classroom as well as interactive student copies. These easy to implement and simple to plan/prep techniques are beneficial for the entire spectrum of learners including on-level and above level readers, students with various leaning styles and multiple intelligences, English language learners, and students with special learning needs, including students with learning disabilities. I am beyond excited to incorporate these invaluable techniques in my classroom this year to facilitate my students' deeper interactions with text that will authentically increase student engagement, student achievement, and motivate reluctant readers! Thank you Pèrsida and William Himmele!!

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Jenni Miller's Review from Middle Web

One of the first things that the authors do in this wonderful book, Total Literacy Techniques, is to acknowledge and underscore that there is a true difference between the language that we speak and the language that we read...


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